Vara: Breast Cancer Screening Platform Powered by AI

Human expertise won't be able to match the ever increasing workload in breast cancer screening.

That's why we built a machine learning powered platform for radiologists which reduces repetitive work and enables them to focus on cases which really matter.

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Radiologists are held back by an increasing workload of normal exams. That’s why we train machine learning models to flag these with very high confidence.

We help radiologists focus on detecting cancers in mammography screenings.

Image showing the safety net feature

Safety Net

Vara alerts the screening radiologist if they report an exam as normal when Vara has detected a suspicious finding. This alert prompts the reader to take a second look at the exam and shows them the region of interest.

Vara therefore supports radiologists to potentially reduce missed cancers.

Image showing screens from the Vara Platform

The Vara Platform

Vara is more than just an algorithm. It is a standalone worklist, viewer and reporting software, which is powered by machine learning and designed with our users in mind.

Vara makes it easier for radiologists to read and report screening exams.

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CE Certification

Vara is Germany's first CE certified AI powered platform for breast cancer screening.

The Vara Ecosystem

We improve Vara constantly. Support our mission by joining the Vara Ecosystem.


We work with trusted partners that provide us with high quality datasets to teach Vara. Our partners are granted access to our products earlier than anyone else and benefit from special conditions.

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We work with individual radiologists who want to be part of our journey and help Vara get better by labelling datasets for us. Our experts are the backbone of our quality and engage with us for research purposes.

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We want to extend our platform to cover more use cases. That's why we are always looking for pioneering researchers and clinical partners who want to develop and evaluate new ideas with us.

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Our Team

We’re a team of over 25 medical specialists, engineers and entrepreneurs. What unites us is our passion for improving healthcare with technology and our deep belief in a culture of ownership and collaboration.

We're Hiring!

We’re looking for curious minds to join our team in Berlin.