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We won't rest until every deadly breast cancer is detected early

- for better outcomes for everyone, everywhere.

In the world's most developed countries, approximately 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. And when detected early, their chances of survival improve drastically.

But what about all the undetected breast cancers?

And what about all the women in all the other countries in the world?

This is where our story begins.

Because the truth is this: screening isn’t available to most women — and when it is, far too many deadly breast cancers are either missed or caught too late.

We can do better. And we are doing better.

Every deadly breast cancer.
Every time.

We create safe, reassuring opportunities for reliable breast cancer screening, and we're making them accessible to everyone. Combining proven, state-of-the-art technology with the experience and expertise of leading physicians, we deliver measurable impact, backed by clinical evidence.

Because behind every case of breast cancer is a person. Someone’s mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend. One of us.

And even one undetected, deadly breast cancer is one too many.

Our accomplishments
November 2018

Spin-off from Merantix Venture Studio

January 2019

First screening centers in Germany joined our journey as development partners

September 2019

Vara certified as a CE (class IIb) medical device

May 2020

€6.5M Series A led by OMERS Ventures, Toronto

Our journey began as part of Merantix, Europe’s leading venture studio for Artificial Intelligence. In November 2018, we ventured out on our own. That said, we will always be a part of the Merantix family, and will always call the AI Campus our home — ensuring we’re always at the forefront of machine learning technology.