Pioneering AI-Driven Healthcare

Our vision is to pioneer AI-driven healthcare. To accomplish this, we are committed to designing great machine learning-powered workflows that our users love to work with. Our international team of medical specialists, engineers and entrepreneurs combines world class engineering with scientific excellence and a hands-on attitude

Our Stories
Photo of Dipti Ganeriwala

Dipti Ganeriwala

Product Design Lead

Design is about making people’s lives better and that is what got me interested in the field. I grew up in Calcutta, India where I ran my own design studio and then attained a Masters in Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI). After this I decided to call Berlin my new home, as it offered a rich tapestry of culture and experiences. What also drew me in was the opportunity to witness firsthand a dynamic startup environment.

As a product designer at Vara, I work at the intersection of design, technology and science, applying human-centred design methodologies to machine-learning powered medical platforms. Here I am privy to an environment that is collaborative, open and authentic, with a passionate group of people and the common goal of pushing the boundaries of innovation in healthcare.

Photo of Daniel Barreto

Daniel Barreto

Lead Fullstack Developer

I was lucky enough to discover early in life a career path that I was passionate about. I got into computers and building websites back in 2001, then years later I decided to pursue a career in Computer Science and got my B.Sc from Universidad Simón Bolívar. After graduating, I worked as a consultant for many different startups around the world, and I developed a better understanding of what needs to be done to make them succeed.

In 2016 I decided to move to Berlin, and soon after I started looking for new work opportunities. I found in Vara everything I wanted out of my next challenge: helping solve difficult problems, building a product that positively affects everyday life, and working with smart highly skilled people. Here at Vara my task is to build and deliver the mammography solution. My job is all about connecting the pieces between screening units, our machine-learning platform, and radiologists.

The experience of working in this company has been a pleasure, and I'm proud to be able to participate in a project that aims to improve the quality of lives of thousands, if not millions, of people.

Photo of Sören Hornof

Sören Hornof

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Photo of Jonas Muff

Jonas Muff


Photo of Robert Hite

Robert Hite

Director of Business Development

Photo of Maximilian Brandstätter

Maximilian Brandstätter

Director of Product

Photo of Dominik Schüler

Dominik Schüler

Data Engineer

Photo of Vilim Štih

Vilim Štih

Machine Learning Engineer

Photo of Marc Jopson

Marc Jopson

Full Stack Engineer

Photo of Zacharias Fisches

Zacharias Fisches

Machine Learning Engineer

Photo of Anja Richter

Anja Richter

Team Assistant

Photo of Narendra Joshi

Narendra Joshi

Full Stack Engineer

Photo of Azrea Amis

Azrea Amis

Full Stack Engineer

Photo of Benjamin Strauch

Benjamin Strauch

Software Engineer

Photo of Dr. Christian Leibig

Dr. Christian Leibig

Director of Machine Learning

Photo of Daniel Barreto

Daniel Barreto

Lead Fullstack Developer

Photo of Fridtjof Storde

Fridtjof Storde


Photo of Dr. Moritz Brehmer, MD

Dr. Moritz Brehmer, MD

Medical Director

Photo of Philipp Dollwetzel

Philipp Dollwetzel

Technical Project Manager

Photo of Polina Frantseva

Polina Frantseva

Human Resources

Photo of Dipti Ganeriwala

Dipti Ganeriwala

Product Design Lead

Photo of Stefan Bunk

Stefan Bunk


Photo of Janette Wiget

Janette Wiget


Our journey began as part of Merantix, Europe’s leading venture studio for Artificial Intelligence. In November 2018, we left the nest and spun off. Still, we will always remain a part of the Merantix family – which helps us stay at the forefront of machine learning technology.

Our Values

We believe in personal ownership, flat hierarchies, and direct communication, which means that we operate and learn fast—as a team.

Results Driven

We encourage a dynamic, results-oriented working environment: work from the office and/or balance your time working from home.

Innovator's Mindset

We are driven researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs who believe in building transformative solutions our customers can't live without.

Diversity Drives Innovation

We are committed to nurturing a culture that is inclusive and diverse. We believe that different ideas, perspectives and experiences help foster creativity and innovation within a company.

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We’re a team of over 25 medical specialists, engineers and entrepreneurs. What unites us is our passion for improving healthcare with technology and our deep belief in a culture of ownership and collaboration.

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