Screening is not an intervention, it is a pathway!

At Vara we have designed a suite of tools to bring mammography screening to entire populations. Speed, precision, and high quality are as important to radiologists as they are for women participating in a screening program. The Vara Platform was built to enhance every touchpoint along the journey.

Vara Platform supports every step of the pathway

Taking our cues from the best screening programmes in the world Vara has designed a Platform that supports every stakeholder with solutions engineered to optimize screening outcomes and overall experience.

Booking screening appointments and navigating the pathway

We support health seeking behavior by optimizing scheduling appointments for women and providers. Automated appointment reminders for adherence, as well as timely rescheduling. The booking tools can also be used by trained community health workers or other caregivers for the benefit of the women under their care. The goal is always to make doing the right thing as easy as possible.

Acquisition of clinically relevant information

At the point of screening, crucial data is collected and documented into our information system.

Viewer designed for high volume screening

At the heart of our CE-certified (class IIb), web-based software is our advanced viewer. Vara integrates AI technology and automation directly into a highly-optimized breast-screening-compliant viewer. An advanced viewer designed specifically to make breast cancer screening more productive, more intuitive, and in our users' own words, more “delightful”. Just as importantly average read time for non suspicious cases can be vastly reduced while enhancing quality.

Automated triage and reporting

Our AI is integrated into the reporting workflow in a seamless and efficient manner. The AI automates repetitive work by preparing fully pre-written medical reports. It pre-selects and pre-reports cancer-free normal cases. After review, all that is required is to confirm the report, and for 80% of scans the work is done. This gives radiologists control over their workday by focusing on the more difficult cases when they are most ready for it.

Increasing cancer detection rate

Vara identifies and localizes suspicious findings on mammograms, alerting the screening radiologist to take a second look.

We refer to this as the Safety Net, which is always running in the background, but only springs into action when the radiologist might have missed something. In this way, the experience and good judgment of the clinician is supported by technology for consistently superior performance. Uniquely, we provide continuous feedback on radiologist-AI interaction, allowing for personalized calibration of algorithms and customized training programs.

Density Classification

Automatic breast density assessment and reporting according to the Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System(BI-RADS).

Enhancing predictive capabilities and collaboration
Deep Prior Model

AI predictions are enhanced by inclusion of longitudinal data of prior mammograms.

Arbitration & Consensus

Enhance collaboration through completely digital consensus conferences and arbitration reads, enabling radiologists to collaborate on the Vara platform.

Second Opinion

Critical case review enhanced through on demand second opinion expert review.

Full visibility for all stakeholders

Key metrics are automatically tracked, organized to yield a maximum of insight, and regularly communicated with clarity: AI-radiologist interactions, missed and rescheduled appointments, lab turnaround times, participation rates, cancers detected, staging, read times and much more. Dashboards can form the basis for screening registries - where none exist today at a system level - or feed into existing databases and registries.

Creating transparency via deep insights

Supporting radiologists with tailored training, performance insights, and individualized algorithm calibration.

Health Systems

Gain full insights into screening pathway performance, such as turnaround times, quality, staging information, patient reported outcomes, and health economic impact.


Real world evidence for AI supported breast cancer screening as well as implementation science for large scale population based programs.

Building strong relationships with our users

“I have seen the impact of Vara on the metrics that count: cancer detection rate and reduction of false positives while helping me manage the workload. The future of our profession is intimately tied to AI and it is better for it.”

Dr. Thilo Töllner

Dr. Thilo Töllner

Head of Mammography, Klinik Dr. Hancken, Stade, Germany

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“Traditional approaches like CAD can actually increase the cognitive load. Vara's decision referral approach to AI and seamless integration into my workflow allows me to leverage my individual strengths.”

Dr. Caroline Dietz

Dr. Caroline Dietz

Head of Mammography, Med360, Leverkusen, Germany

“The incidence and prevalence of breast cancer is rising in India. As a result, policymakers and health system leaders are focused on cancer control efforts along the entire pathway, expanding access to screening and treatment. The rising demand will only be met through innovation at all levels and AI will be at the core of it all.”

Dr. Andreas Pomschar

Dr. Andreas Pomschar

Head of Mammography, Die Radiologie, Munich, Germany

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