Meet Vara

Our Breast Cancer Workflow Solution

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What Vara Does

Vara detects normal mammograms and flags them in the worklist. For normal mammograms, Vara pre-writes reports for human experts to double-check. The pre-written reports can be signed with a single click. All other exams can be read through Vara's highly optimised, screening-compliant workflow.

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Vara highlights normal exams and enables radiologist to shift their focus to other, more complex exams.


Seamlessly report suspicious findings directly in the image.


Automatically pre-filled reports facilitate single click reporting for normal exams.

Why Vara?
Increase Quality

Vara takes care of all repetitive and normal cases, which allows users to focus on complex and suspicious cases. This decreases the burden for radiologists and leads to better overall performance.

Improve Efficiency

Vara combines ML-based pre-filling of reports with an end-to-end workflow solution. The user experience is streamlined and the overall reporting time is reduced.

One-Stop Solution

Vara is a zero footprint end-to-end workflow solution with RIS-PACS integration that can be accessed from any workstation without installation.

“Vara has the potential to help me focus on the potentially suspicious cases and reach better sensitivity than before.”
Dr. Renate Tewaag, Board Certified Radiologist, radprax
“We implemented Vara because it allows us to keep up with the increasing screening volume and cost pressure.”
Dr. Manuel Villa, Founding Partner, Telrads
“The Vara product speeds up the whole reading & reporting process by combining all essential tools in a single workflow solution.”
Dr. Wojciech Rudnicki, Breast Imaging Researcher

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