The first Second Reading Service powered by AI.
Screening lacks qualified radiologists.

Screening centres struggle to find enough highly qualified breast radiologists. That's why we have partnered up with teleradiology providers all over Europe to offer a Second Reading Service powered by AI. We enable double reading for our customers in order for them to offer high quality screening services.

Women suffer from long waiting times.

Screened women have to wait for their results for many days without knowing if they have cancer or not. This leads to insecurity, high emotional pressure and often long lasting mental effects.

With our Second Reading Service this turnover time is drastically reduced, which leads to an improved experience for the participating women.

Second Reading Illustration

Second Reading Service

Receive screening reports for your second read within a few hours.

Via the Vara platform, your studies are analysed by Artificial Intelligence and our local teleradiology partners. This allows us to offer reads at consistently high quality and competitive prices.

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